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Arrowmail's Privacy Policy

We will never pass on your email address, or any other information we hold about you, to any 3rd party -
we're in the business of reducing spam not creating more!
We store the minimum amount of information required to operate customer accounts and fully comply with
all Data Protection legislation.

Our company records are kept confidential, stored securely and only accessed by company personnel in
the course of their work.
Anybody acting on behalf of our company is under an obligation not reveal to any 3rd party, any information about our customers, their business activities or the contents of their emails.

We accept credit card payments using the 3rd party payment processing companies PayPal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers and Plimus. This means that we don't need, and are never in possession of, any of your credit card details.

Except for when acting under your instructions to keep an archive, we won't retain copies of emails you send and receive, for more than one month, although we do retain server logs for at least one year - these show
who sent what, when, to who and the Subject Line of each email but not the contents of emails or any attachments.

Our servers are operated in a secure manner to prevent access to customers' emails, stored files and other information by outside hackers.
As emails and data from many different customers pass through our servers, it is a strong imperative in our system design and operational procedures that no customer shall be able to access any email, data or other information about any other customer.

Where possible we allow and encourage strongly encrypted connections to our servers by customers and other mail-servers but we cannot guarantee that emails will continue to be encrypted once they have left our system.

We will cooperate with the appropriate authorities investigating criminal activities by allowing them access to
our company and server records.

We will keep unsolicited communication between ourselves and our customers, not directly related to the operation of their account, to a reasonable minimum and confine it to advisories on changes to services, price structure or operational procedures.

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